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  1. Clinic, Cowboy, Mounted, Shooting, Torrie, Griggs, Beginner
    July 25
    with Torrie Griggs • Participant spots are FULL • Please Audit or email to be added to a waiting list • Beginner 1 Day Clinic (Jul 25): No previous experience necessary. Receive an introduction to the sport of Mounted Shooting, Guns and Safety, and Riding Patterns. Learn a proven method for introducing your horse to gunfire. Guns & Ammo are provided...
We would love to have you share your equine adventures with us.....

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​PAYMENT for Clinic / Rental / Stall Fees​
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  1. Rental, Stall, Arena, Hour, Day
    Year Round
    Stall & Arena Rentals Stalls: $15/day • Hourly Arena Rental: By the hour, reserved use. $40 per hour • Full Day Arena Rental: Use of the W-M facilities for camps, clinics, or events: Starting at $250 per day.
Stall Rentals: $15 per/day

Hourly Arena Rental: By the hour, reserved use. $40 per hour
(Subject to availability and approval)

Full Day Arena Rental
: Use of the W-M facilities for camps, clinics, or events. Starting at $250 per day.
(Subject to availability and approval)

All users of W-M facilities must contact Karen, via email or phone for scheduling, and have a current Waiver on file with W-M Ranch.

English ~ Western ~ Trail ~ Versatility
Lessons with Heidi Thomas

A riding instructor & horse 4-H leader , Heidi has been a member of multiple equine associations. She has numerous hours of horse time, inside the arena, and outside, having shown, judged, trained, and raised horses, from the backyard to the National level.

• PRIVATE (1 Rider)
  $50 per rider / 1 hr

• Semi-PRIVATE (2/3 Riders) 
  $35 per rider / lesson (1hr +15 minutes per rider over 1)

• Group (4/5/6 Riders)
  $25 per rider / lesson (1hr +15 minutes per rider over 1)

  1. Lessons, Riding, Horses, Horsemanship, Stockmanship, Cow, Cattle, Low-Stress
    Payment is required to secure your spot.
Heidi Thomas

$100 per Rider (includes cattle charge)
2.5 hour session, formatted as a group lesson, limited to 4 Riders.

This is a great opportunity to expose your horse to cattle. Practice driving cattle as singles, small groups and as a herd. Practice positioning your horse for effective skills to start and stop the cattle in the arena, over obstacles, and/or trailer loading. We will also hold cattle, cut and sort, as well as learn to "read their behavior", using low-stress techniques. Get you and your horse confident in this fun activity!
Please arrive early, to warm-up.

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To book additional sessions with Heidi • Call or Text : 509.386.4011


March 14 am - 9:00 to 11:30am
March 14 pm - 1:30 to 4:00pm

March 15 am - 9:00 to 11:30am
March 15 pm - 1:30 to 4:00pm

March 21 am - 9:00 to 11:30am
March 21 pm - 1:30 to 4:00pm

Additional dates....coming soon
​PAYMENT for Clinic / Rental / Stall Fees​